Haiyan Wang Delivers Talent Management Keynote – HCI National Summit

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Amanda here, live-blogging the Talent Management sessions. Settling in for our keynote…

Haiyan Wang, Managing Director of the China India Institute and Co-author of The Quest for Global Dominance speaks about “Cultivating a Global Market”.


Ms. Wang  starts off with a bang, asking the question: Do mindsets matter? They do! But what is a mindset? It’s a cognitive map (assumptions, logic) of the world around us.  Without this we can paralyze into “inaction”. Although they can be double edge swords and blind us to reality. For example: In the year 2000 a successful auto businessman from a well known company visited China and came back saying “call me when you have some roads” it’s projected that in 2015 China will have more cars than any other place in the world.

What About Organizations?

Do organizations have mindsets? Yes! What about a global mindset? Here’s the concept: It’s the balance between a parochial mindset and a diffused mindset. You have to integrate between diversities, that’s the key. Ex: Microsoft. In 1992 when they entered China, for a couple years it was a disaster. When they started to adopt a global mindset things started to turn around. They realized that the piracy issue would improve and that the purchasing power in China would not. Once they did this they started being a friend to China. One important thing they did was to mandate that an operating system on every machine that was shipped to China be loaded. This GREATLY changed the relationship.

Here are Some Stats:

50% of world GDP growth from emerging countries.
Emerging growth countries’ share of world exports = 43% and growing
End of 2007 China’s GDP was 3rd largest in world and it will surpass the USA around 2035. India will surpass the USA around 2045.

Wang says that this is another industrial revolution. Although what took 100 years previously, this one will happen in 30.

Transformation of Industries:

Even slow moving, low tech industries get radically transformed in 20 years. Tale a look at Beer (SAB Miller), Steel (Arcelor Mittal), Cement (Cemex). Who will be the major players and how will that impact YOUR business? You have to take a look at your own business environment and that of your customers. Geographic location of yourself, your customers, your value chain activities. Are the emerging companies going to be your competition?

Cultivating a Global Mindset:

The key is to build a strong “one company” culture, infrastructure and processes. You have to have clear values and a clear corporate identity. You also have to develop a deep knowledge about different cultures and markets. Don’t just observe problems SOLVE problems. How can you do this? Unleash web 2.0 within the company, have cross border assignments… And finally the most important mechanism is to globalize the nerve centers of decision making. Close the gap between where opportunities sit and where the decision power sits. You can’t drag opportunities to you, you have to go to them. And since things are happening at a rapid pace… hurry!

Tomorrow’s Leading Organization:

Build a global integrated enterprise with roots in many countries.

Bottom Line?

When asked by a member of the audience how to convince a high level executive-naysayer about the change that’s going to occur in 20 years Wang responds to tell him to go to sleep and wake up in 20 years, when he wakes up he’ll find that he no longer has a job. Touché

Oh, they can also buy her book 🙂

The world is your oyster do you have the right fork? 

For more information or questions please feel free to email Ms. Wang hwang@chinaindiainstitute.com and visit the website www.chinaindiainstitute.com


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