Zaccaro Discusses the Change "Adaptability" Environment Part 2

Posted on March 10, 2008. Filed under: HCI Summit, Speakers |

Hey – It’s Amanda from HCI. I’m here live-blogging with Geoff. After Geoff left, Zaccaro went over two studies. Here’s the summaries: 

Study 1

Using 229 managers and executives which measured the experiences with developmental assignments, cognitive flexibility and complexity and meta-cognitive skills as well as a adaptive problem solving exercise. They did this by distributing a survey through HCI.

In this study the managers and executives were asked to complete three sets of business decision scenarios, each having two parts. The result confirming that adaptive performance = the quality of performance on both parts of the problem.

Zaccaro goes on to define self development of adaptability skills for leaders:

"The development of adaptability skills through self development requires well constructed learning contracts that emphasize greater experiential variety."

Study 2

Using 241 managers and executives from multi level marketing company which measured the descriptions of self development activities. The results were that business leaders with greater experiential variety in their development activities had greater performing teams and leaders with greater experiential variety in their self development activities performed better on the adaptive problem solving exercises.

As the end draws near we conclude by going over the "prescriptions for developing executive adaptability" which include the integrated use of developmental assignments and self development activities. Zaccaro says that before beginning such assignments and activities, build skills in self regulation and meta-cognitive thinking and have significant experiential variety in your development assignments and self development activities. 


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